April 13-14, 2019
Workshop "Possibilities of self-ligation in difficult clinical situations. Tipodont Course."
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About the workshop
Every orthodontist in his practice faced the question "What to do when the clinical case is not easy". Such a simple at first glance question shoulders the doctor a huge responsibility in choosing treatment tactics and predicting the degree of stability of the result, which should be as close as possible to the optimal individual norm. To determine the ways to achieve the functional-morphological balance in the dentoalveolar system at the stages of orthodontic treatment, the theoretical and practical part of our seminar with a standard course is held. Tipodont-course is carried out on unique flexible training tipodonts, which allow you to immediately see the movement of teeth and determine the correct positioning. Each seminar participant will receive a manual for working with 3M self-propelled braces.
Zorich Marianna Evgenievna
Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences, orthodontist of the highest qualification category
Workshop program includes:
Theoretical part
  • A little bit about the optimal individual rate.
  • Craniosacral system. Micromotion of the bones of the skull.
  • The boundaries of the craniosacral system.
  • What should we consider when we talk about occlusion at an orthodontic appointment?
  • When do we ascertain functional disharmony and overstrain of the neuromuscular system of the head-neck region?
  • The relationship of chronic structural disharmony and disharmony in the stomatognathic system.
  • The leitmotif of our treatment is: function is a structure in action, structure is a function after action.
  • What technologies, tools and methods contribute to the "reasonable" impact on the tissues of the dentition?
  • Resorption of roots on the background of the influence of orthodontic forces.
  • The choice of tools, techniques, protocols for the implementation of orthodontic treatment.
  • The difference between treatment protocols on ligature and self-ligating systems.
  • A bit of the history of the development of self-ligating systems.
  • An instrumental arsenal of successful orthodontic practice.
  • Clinical cases.
Practical part with a standard course
  • Structural elements of self-ligating braces with Intelligent Clip technology.
  • Characteristics of the tools needed to work with self-ligating braces Smart Clip SL, Clarity SL.
  • Positioning braces on standard dods using various types of adhesive systems.
  • The technique of installing and removing the arc on the standard.
  • Testing the sequence of change of arcs on the standard.
  • Tandem arcs. Combinations of tandem arcs.
  • Removing braces. Instruments. Features of braces removal technique.
April 13-14, 2019
Start: 10:00

Zorich Marianna Evgenievna
Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences, orthodontist of the highest qualification category

3M, BelOrthoClub
Kalinina, 11А

Cost of participation: 200 Belarusian rubles,
50% discount for BelOrthoClub members and residents

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Limited number of seats.

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+ 375 44 581-90-11
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